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Your Name:  Kali
Timezone: eastern
How Active Are You: on a scale of 1-10 i would say i’m a 8.
Character Name: Candace Anderson

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 Timezone: Central

Activity: Every other day, if not daily

Character: Maggie Evans

Para:(From another RP) She stood alone at the entrance of the cafeteria, a wilted brown paper bag clutched between her fists. This was a vicious hunting ground, swarming with every high school cliché imaginable. Just making eye contact with the wrong person could mean social suicide. Kristen tilted her head, blond hair spilling over her shoulder, when a pair of fellow freshman bravely stepped ahead of her and fully into the warzone. In a matter of seconds, a beefy boy donning a letterman jacket came at them from nowhere, grinning stupidly as he slung a Big Slurp slushy into their terrified faces. Kristen jumped away, avoiding the back splash of the gruesome attack.

 “Not a chance in hell.” That said, she rolled her eyes and stalked away from the noisy dinning hall, her feet moving of their own accord. The further she wandered, the more her mind wandered. High School was about change, about growing up, yet here she was again, running away from people, weaving through the barren school corridors. She paused, squinting to see a colorful bulletin board across the wide hallway. “A glee club, huh?”

Note: I’m still a bit new at this, but I’ll give it a good go.

Anonymous said: could one of the kids' fc be changed to selena gomez?

Sure, I guess.

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Character Name: Santanaaaa

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If anyone wants a masterlist to post on other RPs…

It’s been years after the New Directions graduated. They’ve gone off to college, got married, and had kids! Now they’re all back in Lima, pursuing their dreams. Their children all attend William McKinley, as they did. It’s all up to you whether they’re all one big gleeful family…or not.

This RP is not affiliated with Fox, Glee, or Ryan Murphy in anyway. We’re looking for experienced roleplayers, please. This is a paragraphing RP. Warning-includes mature themes (smut, profanity, drug/alcohol abuse, etc.) We do not accepted anonymous reservations.


Audition Bios Rules Questions Main RP Page

Needed/Wanted Reserved Open Taken

St. James*=Twins

  • Jesse St. James Director Jonathan Groff
  • Rachel Berry St. James Actress Lea Michele
  • Elphaba St. James* 17, Junior Lucy Hale
  • Piper St. James* 17, Junior Jennifer Lawrence
  • Barbra St. James 16, Sophomore Liz Gillies


  • Finn Hudson Football Coach Cory Monteith
  • Sugar Motta Hudson Housewife Vanessa Lengies
  • Dana “Drizzle” Hudson 17, Junior Troian Bellsario
  • Michael Hudson 16, Sophomore Nathan Kress
  • Charlie Hudson 15, Freshman Joel Courtney


  • Noah Puckerman Landscaper Mark Salling
  • Tyler Puckerman 18, Senior Taylor Lautner
  • Beth Puckerman 15, Sophomore Victoria Justice


  • Sam Evans Science Teacher Chord Overstreet
  • Quinn Fabray Evans Wedding Planner Dianna Agron
  • Chris Evans 18, Senior Alex Pettyfer
  • Maggie Evans* 17, Junior Ashley Benson
  • Kyle Evans* 17, Junior Hunter Parrish


  • Blaine Anderson Glee Club Director Darren Criss
  • Kurt Hummel Anderson Fashion Designer Chris Colfer
  • Mandy Anderson 18, Senior Miley Cyrus
  • Olivia Anderson* 17, Junior Demi Lovato 
  • Candace Anderson* 15, Sophomore Ariana Grande


  • Artie Abrams Pediatrician Kevin McHale
  • Tina Cohen-Chang Abrams Guidance Councilor Jenna Ushkowitz
  • Ronnie Abrams 18, Senior Matt Prokop
  • Andrew Abrams* 17, Junior Logan Lerman
  • Luke Abrams* 17, Junior Josh Hutcherson


  • Santana Lopez Lawyer Naya Rivera
  • Brittany S. Pierce-Lopez Cheerleading Coach Heather Morris
  • Anita Lopez 17, Junior Shay Mitchell
  • Austin Pierce 18, Senior Tom Felton

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Alright! Evans are hosting the party! :D

Anonymous said: how long do reservations last

For 24 hours.

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